Event Finder

A Google Chrome browser extension to find events near me.

EventFinder is a lightweight Google Chrome browser extension integrated with Ticketmaster API to conveniently help you in finding events nearby, such as concerts, sporting events, stand-up comedies, etc. This extension allows you to search & filter events, and be directed to the event link in Ticketmaster for ticket purchase.

Technology, Language & Libraries

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Handlebars, Backbone.js, Ticketmaster API, Google Chrome Extensions API


This project started on one snowy & dull weekend at home, while I was just on my computer browsing for any events and activities that I could attend and do nearby.

This prompted me to search for and install a Ticketmaster browser extension for spontaneous days like this. To my surprise, there is no such Chrome browser extension yet! Obviously there are mobile apps for these now, but I love the idea of popup browser extensions, and how convenient they are to not have to open up a new window or tab to do something quick and easy. Hence, I decided to create this lightweight Chrome browser extension.

* While this is not yet availble publicly in the Chrome Web Store, if you would like to give it a try and install it on your browser, please send me an email at hello@katrinaprieto.com and I'll send you instructions on how to install it.


Filter by Categories

By default, the popup will display all events from all available categories. Users will also have the ability to filter events by selecting the tabs: Sports, Concerts, Art & Theatre, Family, and Film. The events are sorted by relevance, then by date & time.

toronto all categories

toronto sports
Filtered by Sports category
toronto concerts
Filtered by Concerts category

By default, only 5 events are displayed at a time. However, users will have the ability to navigate to the previous or next page using the pagination control at the bottom of the popup. Users can also see which page they are currently on as well as the total number of pages available.

toronto pagination
Page 2 of 39 - Sport events

Search Events

Users will have the ability to do fulltext search. The EventFinder will only return search results for events within your current location.

toronto search
Fulltext search
search no results
No search results
Change city & search other cities

By default, the user's location will be used as the current city. The location is based on the user's IP Address, so there is a possibility that the location is not accurate to where the user currently is. However, users will have the ability to change the city and search for events in other cities.

search city vancouver
Search Vancouver city
vancouver all categories
Search for events in Vancouver
search city new york
Search New York city
new york all categories
Events in New York city


Project Planning

Similar to all my other projects, I start by doing research & discovery, then formulating my requirements and project plan; all before diving in to development. I came up with the following user stories:

  • User should be able to see a list of current and future events nearby them
  • User should be able to filter events by different categories
  • User should be able to search for events
  • User should be able to find tickets or link to Ticketmaster for ticket purchase
  • User should be able to navigate to different pages of the search results
  • User should be able to set their city and search for events in other cities

This project was implemented using Backbone.js, Handlebars, Google Chrome Extensions API, and Ticketmaster Discovery API.

If you have any requests or suggestions about this project, please open up a ticket by sending an email to: